Thursday, June 10, 2021

The Intercept:

"THE U.S. MILITARY killed 23 civilians and injured another 10 in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Somalia during 2020, according to a Pentagon report on civilian casualties that was released on Wednesday and immediately faced charges of being a whitewash. Experts said the report vastly undercounts the dead and wounded from U.S. military operations. ...

'The failure to accurately account and make amends for civilian harm does a disservice to civilians already suffering unimaginable loss, as well as to the Americans who deserve fuller transparency into the ways that U.S. operations have harmed civilians,' Annie Shiel, the senior adviser for U.S. policy and advocacy at the Center for Civilians in Conflict, told The Intercept. ...


A conservative accounting of civilians killed by the U.S. military in 2020, according to Airwars, a U.K.-based airstrike monitoring group, is almost five times higher: 102 noncombatant deaths resulting from U.S. attacks in Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, Syria, and Yemen. ... The Pentagon’s dramatic undercount does not include any of the secret attacks carried out by the Central Intelligence Agency, which the U.S. government does not acknowledge. Nor does it take into account the civilian toll resulting from assistance to allies, such as Saudi Arabia, whose bombing campaign has killed thousands of civilians in Yemen."

-->US news outlets simply haven't covered this story. The US military kills them, and the US media just covers it up. 


FAIR (Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting):

"US Sanctions Against Venezuela Cause Shortages in Diesel, Editorial Standards. Western corporate media have time and again proved to be reliable allies for US regime change efforts against Venezuela. Alongside the occasional military threat, Washington’s strategy in recent years has relied on unilateral coercive measures commonly known as sanctions. Despite these measures being classified as 'collective punishment' and found responsible for tens of thousands of deaths, corporate journalists have been for a long time happy to downplay or totally ignore them. ...

Corporate journalists began to scrutinize the consequences of sanctions and complain about their 'failure' to topple the Maduro government toward the end of the Trump administration. But the arrival of President Joe Biden evidently reinvigorated their sense of duty as loyal stenographers serving the imperial presidency. As the US blockade becomes more asphyxiating to Venezuelans than ever before, corporate outlets have either turned their gaze somewhere else, or doubled down on misrepresenting sanctions.

The new administration has been abetted in its neo-Trumpian foreign policy by a media establishment ever willing to present collective punishment of an entire population as 'democracy promotion.' The fact that Trump’s brazen mob-style threats have been replaced by more sophisticated mafioso innuendo has certainly made corporate journalists’ life easier in this regard.

-->Along with hiding the true death count of countries attacked by the US military, our empire friendly media routinely ignores the damage of US economic sanctions. At last count 22 countries are now being economical sanctioned by the US. And the death tolls from economic sanctions? The sanctions against Iraq starting in 1990 caused the death of tens of thousands of children. 


News Ghana:

"Africa has 30 percent of the remaining mineral resources in the world, which, largely, remain untouched. According to recent forecasts, Africa will become a global strategic resource reserve by 2030. First of all, this refers to the irreplaceable types of minerals regularly used in the military. Even now, the US Military Industrial Complex dependence on imports of non-ferrous and rare metals from African countries exceeds 50%. ...

At the same time, Washington increases its military activity in Africa. The South African Mail & Guardian, referring to the documents of the US Armed Forces Africa Command, describes an ambitious project to deploy a network of military bases throughout Africa. The files detail more than $330-million of spending, including a list of 'prioritized' military construction projects planned to be carried out from 2021 to 2025. This is designated for infrastructure investments on US bases stretching across Africa. ...

Africa once again becomes a victim of colonization by Western culture. The widespread privatization of valuable deposits by American companies will stagnate any national opportunities for economic growth on the Black continent. Moreover, the cultural identity of the African peoples will also be vanished, pushing the world closer to globalization where Africa is destined to play the role of the raw material colony.

-->One has to go beyond traditional US media to find any mention of our country's recolonization of Africa. BLM, however, is opening a window on this hidden story.