Wednesday, July 12, 2023

Guardian UK:
"The state official in charge of Oklahoma’s schools is facing calls for impeachment, after he said teachers should tell students that the Tulsa race massacre was not racially motivated.

In a public forum on Thursday, Ryan Walters, Oklahoma’s state superintendent of public instruction, said teachers could cover the 1921 massacre, in which white Tulsans murdered an estimated 300 Black people, but teachers should not 'say that the skin color determined it'.

Walters is a pro-Trump Republican who was elected to oversee Oklahoma education in November. He has consistently indulged in rightwing talking points including 'woke ideology' and has said critical race theory should not be taught in classrooms. Republicans have frequently conflated banning critical race theory with banning any discussion of racial history in classrooms."

-->Here we have another shameful example of our country's perpetual racism and of its unwillingness to consider the history of Blacks in America. Is the story just too painful for our own media to report on? Let's see if the NYT gets around to printing this sickening story.


Guardian UK:
"An Oklahoma judge has thrown out a lawsuit seeking reparations for the 1921 Tulsa race massacre, dashing an effort to obtain some measure of legal justice for elderly survivors.  The judge, Caroline Wall, on Friday dismissed with prejudice the lawsuit which attempted to force the city and others to make recompense for the destruction of Greenwood, a once-thriving Black district.

The case involved three survivors of the attack, all now over 100 years old and who sued in 2020, in the hope of seeing what their attorney called 'justice in their lifetime'. ... The Tulsa race massacre suit said the actions of the white mob that killed hundreds of Black residents and destroyed what had been the most prosperous Black business district in the US continue to affect the city today.

It contended that Tulsa’s long history of racial division and tension stemmed from the massacre, during which a mob descended on a 35-block area, looting, killing and burning. Thousands were left homeless, living in a hastily constructed camp.
The city and insurance companies never compensated victims and the massacre ultimately resulted in racial and economic disparities that still exist today, the lawsuit argued."

-->Let's see if our mainstream media can hide this disgraceful story. So far it has. What about the NYT, which so far lets the Guardian report on America's homegrown racism.


Accountable US:
"WASHINGTON, DC – A new analysis from government watchdog Accountable.US found nearly 60% of incumbent U.S. representatives filed extensions in 2023 for their 2022 financial disclosure, the majority of which––54.5%––were Republicans. Accountable.US.’ review of the House Committee on Ethics’ financial disclosure database also found that among the 257 representatives that filed extensions, 80.9% asked for the maximum 90-day extension. ...

Members of Congress were required to file their annual financial disclosure reports by May 15th, 2023 under the Ethics in Government Act and STOCK Act to help identify and regulate possible corrupt conflicts of interest or instances when an 'official uses his position of influence to enhance his personal financial interests.'

Their failure to do so has fueled criticism that the 'toothless' STOCK Act does not go far enough, and elevated concerns about how many members of Congress were able to beat the S&P 500 in 2021 and 2022 amid 'the worst market since 2008.' While at least six bipartisan House bills have been introduced this Congress to restrict stock trading, the MAGA House Majority has not acted on any of the bills even as public pressure continues to mount. A 2022 poll found over 7 in 10 likely voters believed members of Congress should not participate in the stock market while in office."

-->The utter corruption of our Congress does not really make it into the US media. I would call this censorship of how our neoliberal system works. The system works great for the rich and powerful. For you, ignorance is the only way to be happy.

Wednesday, July 05, 2023

"As Venezuela Mends Ties With Latin Neighbors, Western Media Turn Up the Propaganda. Venezuela’s Maduro government has slowly and steadily regained its diplomatic standing in recent years, overcoming US endeavors to turn the country into a pariah state as part of its regime-change efforts.

Nevertheless, Washington remains hell-bent on ousting the democratically elected Venezuelan authorities, and has kept its deadly sanctions program virtually intact. And Western media, which have cheered coup attempts at every step of the way (, 6/13/22, 5/2/22, 6/4/21, 4/15/20, 1/22/20), remain committed to endorsing US policies to the bitter end.

This commitment was on full display recently when President Nicolás Maduro was hosted by Brazilian President Lula da Silva, in a major blow against the campaign to isolate Venezuela. Lula added insult to injury by condemning what he called the 'narrative' of authoritarianism and lack of democracy that had been built around Venezuela to justify sanctions and regime change.' "

-->FAIR demonstrates how in bed the mainstream media is when it comes to socialist governments in other countries. For Cuba and Venezuela, the NYT is all Cold War propaganda, all of the time.


Common Dreams:
"The Department of Homeland Security and Federal Bureau of Investigation 'failed to fulfill their mission' by dismissing or downplaying ominous intelligence in the weeks and days leading up to the deadly January 6, 2021 attack on the U.S. Capitol by supporters of then-President Donald Trump, according to a Senate investigation published Tuesday.

The report—entitled Planned in Plain Sight: A Review of the Intelligence Failures in Advance of January 6, 2021—was published by Democrats on the Senate Homeland Security Committee and calls the Capitol attack 'an unprecedented effort to disrupt the certification of the 2020 presidential election and our nation's long history of peaceful transitions of power' that 'followed months of repeated and false claims by former President Donald Trump, his lawyers, and certain elected officials, that the presidential election was stolen.'

'What was shocking is that this attack was essentially planned in plain sight in social media. Yet it seemed as if our intelligence agencies completely dropped the ball.' "

-->Only Fox News seems to have covered this story. Why no NYT coverage? Perhaps this story makes the US look too bad. Our newspaper of record often plays the role of avoiding bad news for the empire. The story itself shows a distinct lack of legitimacy for several governmental agencies.